Stop Putting Your Hope in Government

Just in case you were comatose yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on entirely unconstitutional grounds.

How was it entirely unconstitutional/illegal/immoral?

Because Chief Justice John Roberts made the asinine decision that even though the Obama administration and Congress itself pushed the individual mandate as a penalty and not a tax, that it could somehow be construed as a tax. They allowed the Justice Department’s lawyers to argue both for the penalty and the tax, allowing them to contradict themselves.

So, now we’re forced to buy a good, even though we may not want to. The Commerce Clause wasn’t even invoked or approached, but since Congress has the power to levy taxes, they can tax us for things we don’t purchase.

It’s seriously that stupid.

But what are to expect from people in authority?

They are, after all, people. People are, by nature, corrupt. Roberts, whether he wanted to be acclaimed by the New York Times or whether he didn’t want to seem activist (and ended up becoming an activist judge anyway) or whether, as Michael Savage contended, he was affected by his epilepsy medication, is just as and yet no more corrupt in his nature than Barrack Obama, Eric Holder or even my beloved Ronald Reagan.

He also knew how corrupt Thomas Jefferson was.

The thing Christians, whether they fall onto the conservative or liberal side, have absolutely failed at recognizing is that in the end, however you manipulate the government into controlling people is now what matters.

It matters in that humanity was created with an inherent longing for freedom, and governments should be held accountable, but when was the last time you saw Christians geek out over the fact that people are dying and going to hell in a similar fashion to a Tea Party protest?

Those of you who know me know that I’m a staunch libertarian-leaning conservative. I will fight you for my gun-carrying rights, voting rights, property rights, etc. What I personally have sucked at is showing off what Jesus has done.

What he’ll do in the future is pretty hardcore as well.

I love politics. I love baseball. I love music.

I say I love Jesus. I just suck at it. A lot. Even though that’s ultimately the only thing that actually matters.

Christians in America have gotten spoiled in that the gospel is assumed nowadays. That needs to stop immediately.

We need to stop relying on government and BS group salvation theologies (even if it’s subconscious) and start trusting in Jesus. He won’t let you down.

And even if everyone manages to officially hang out with Jesus, we still shouldn’t rely on the government. They’re still people, and people do stupid things. They will let you down.

So, yes, be pissed off about the horrendous decision offered yesterday, but there are much bigger things at stake here. Keep those at the forefront.


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