Christendom is dead, and this is a good thing

Christendom is pretty much officially dead in America, and this is a great thing.

Before you get your panties in a wad, Christianity is still very much alive; it’s Christendom that needed to die. Mark Driscoll does a great job explaining this in this video from yesterday’s Resurgence conference.

The civil religion of Christianity has essentially been eliminated from public discourse, along with this vague semblance of “God,” who really wasn’t much of a God.

But with this comes the opportunity to spread Jesus, even to people who have been in church their whole life and think that the fact that they’ve been in church means they’re ok with God.

In short, stop freaking out when the culture goes to hell. Corrupt people are going to act like corrupt people, and we can’t really expect them to behave, nor should we be shocked when they do horrendously evil things. Accept the challenge and the opportunity.


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