If you don’t know that global warming is a fraud by now, there’s not much hope for you

Weren’t we supposed to be flooded all up and down the East Coast by now, and why was the West Coast always left out of those dire predictions?

Answer: Global warming/climate change/whatever is a bunch of crap.

533,000 square miles worth of crap.

This year, we’ve measured record highs for Antarctic sea ice in September, and the Arctic ice cap grew by 29 percent over last year. Both those come after the likes of the BBC predicted we wouldn’t have an Arctic ice cap by… this year?

But don’t all these “higher temperatures” mean less ice?

Oh, and don’t forget about the manipulating data thing in the Climategate scandal.

Seriously, this whole thing is just a political game made up by Communists so they can eliminate capitalism as much as possible (and the Australians are telling them to stick it). You’d do well to understand that.


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