Okay, Christians, let’s not drop the ball on the Phil Robertson thing

Dear Christians, Phil Robertson, GQ and A&E have given us the gift of a giant platform to tell people about Jesus. Let’s not screw it up.


Let’s not let the fact that we theological conservatives are, in fact, biblically accurate in saying homosexuality is wrong get in the fact that God is both love and just.

Let’s not turn people off by the fact that we’re correct by being assholes in our delivery. If they must be turned off by the Gospel, let it be because they can’t let go of their idols called Self and Sex.

Let’s not create more enemies than we must. Sometimes people will just become our enemies because the Gospel is an offensive message. Let’s treat them with the love Jesus commands.

Let’s also not pull any punches. Sin is sin. All of it. People should repent. All of them. Jesus had to die for the crap we do every day.

Most importantly, let’s stay true to all of the aspects of God. He’s not just love. He’s holy. He’s also wrathful against sin, but he’s so loving that he provided a way for us to not be stuck in it.


So remember, in your myriad Facebook discussions, don’t be pretentious, religious prick, as Paul warned in the second half of Romans 2. We’ll all thank you for it later.


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