Easter is why Christmas is a big deal

Yes, Christmas is the time that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but let’s not forget that the overall purpose is much bigger than just a baby, whose name is invoked in anger too often, was spewed forth into the world while surrounded by farm animals.

He probably wasn’t glowing though.

It was simply the beginning of, as many put it, the greatest story ever told. That baby, being God incarnate, would go on to live a perfect life and put legalistic douchebags in their place.

He would then be murdered in one of the cruelest forms of execution ever devised in the form of crucifixion.

Then he kicked death in the teeth and told Satan where to stick it, proving his power and completing the atonement for how much crap we screw up constantly. That made it possible for God the Father to deem us as not screw ups, because he sees us with Jesus as a covering.

And that’s how we Christians are able to look ourselves in the mirror every day.

Remember, Easter is why Christmas is a big deal.


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