Stop freaking out about Richard Sherman already

Yes, Richard Sherman went postal on Erin Andrews after the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to clinch their second ever Super Bowl birth, but it’s not as big of a deal as tons of people like to think.

If you somehow haven’t seen it, have a look.

Millions have ranted about how this shows America’s character now or that Sherman is an ass or that the NFL is a bunch of thugs or that he was a terrible role model.

Know what nobody has said? The guy is damn good at his job, and part of that job is entertainment.

I won’t bother with the actual quote.

Know what else has been glossed over? Sherman has a communications degree from Stanford and graduated second in his high school class. Also, he’s from the same neighborhood as N.W.A., which makes his rise to awesomeness even more amazing.

Sherman doesn’t need the parental advisory on TV though.

Sherman also penned a very astute piece on explaining that the only reason he’s the best cornerback in the game is that the rest of his defense is so good.

It also happens that Sherman was mentioned on Twitter more than the Seahawks and 49ers combined, so that says something about the PR of it all.

Yes, he flew off the hook a little. But he knew exactly what he was doing. He was selling jerseys and getting in Michael Crabtree’s head for next season, when they’ll match up twice.

Who’s the douchebag in this¬†picture?

And that makes what Sherman said even more brilliant.


Stop saying the United States is a free country

The United States is not a free country. That much was confirmed when a judge ruled that a law suspending constitutional protections within 100 miles of a border is somehow… constitutional?

Honestly, if you’re not enraged by the fact that the government can search you for no reason whatsoever in the orange area, then you’re absolutely clueless.

The law currently stands in Merica that the government can simply accuse someone of being a terrorist and then detain him forever without bringing charges.

This means that I can be in Charleston on vacation and the cops can search my computer without my consent and for no reason. If I protest, then can then just say I’m a terrorist and lock me up forever, and I don’t get a lawyer. This is in part thanks to Douchebag Senator Lindsey Graham.

This is no longer a republic. This is totalitarianism in the name of security and safety. It’s a tactic the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and the like used to great efficiency and tens of millions of deaths.
And the fact that I’ve called out these people could, by law, be enough to label me as a terrorist.
Let that sink in.

Here’s exactly the main problem with "mainline" Christianity

This video is of Tim Christensen. He’s the pastor of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana. It also turns out that something was more important than him, you know, being a pastor yesterday.

Now, I have no problem with legitimate Lutherans. Sure, I disagree with some things, but ol’ Martin was kind of important in church history. You know, like that whole Protestant Reformation and such.

Reformer, theologian, and expert purveyor of fart jokes.

And Christensen just crapped all over that and what Jesus did to start this whole Christianity thing. He just dipped out on his church to go watch his football game, which happened to infringe on his church service.

But he actually did us all a favor in exposing what mainline liberal Christianity’s real problem. It’s not about Jesus and getting closer to and becoming more like him. It’s self-help, mushy, self-esteem, idolatrous bullshit.

It’s taken out of context, but Luther’s own words can be used here.

“Why would anyone tolerate such things from someone like you, a rotten paunch, crude ass and fart-ass?” – Martin Luther, Against the Roman Papacy

Why should¬†anyone tolerate such things from someone who’s supposed to be a leader at that church? They shouldn’t. But too many do. And that’s why liberal Christian denominations are shrinking by the truckload.

EDIT: Yes, I’m now aware that it’s come out that this was a joke, but the delivery is still poor in that the YouTube video only showed the joke without the proceeding service. It also doesn’t negate my other points.

Here’s the disturbing trend of the 10 worst places to be a Christian

Open Doors USA, a group that monitors and exposes Christian persecution, has released it’s 2014 list of the worst countries for Christian persecution.

And there’s a disturbing trend among the 10 worst countries for Christian persecution.

If you didn’t notice, nine of the worst 10 places to be a Christian have had direct involvement in regards to United States foreign policy.

North Korea has been repeatedly sanctioned by us for its nuclear program. Somalia was the site of the Mogadishu shitstorm in the early 90s. The US has aided Syrian rebels, who are mostly al Qaeda and the like, turning what used to be a “liberal” country that tolerated Christians into one that kills them.

Iraq, along with our misguided invasion, has only gotten worse since Saddam Hussein was ousted. Afghanistan almost gets a pass here, but only because the Taliban was only killing people. Now they’re just killing people again.

The US is in bed so heavily with Saudi Arabia that we pretty much turned a blind eye to their involvement in 9/11 and we let that one Saudi national go after the Boston “bombing.”

Iran has become the new favorite target for John McCann and Lindsey Graham, who say we need to go to war with them for… some reason.

And then we drone bomb the hell out of Pakistan and Yemen on a regular basis. That’s usually on a pretty indiscriminate basis.

The only country ol’ Merica hasn’t touched is Maldives, and that’s really just because they’re out in the ocean and too small for anyone to care about them.

Now, I’m not saying that correlation is causation here, but there are definitely places here where the US has intervened, and things got worse for Christians.

It kinda makes you think we should just leave people alone.