Here’s the disturbing trend of the 10 worst places to be a Christian

Open Doors USA, a group that monitors and exposes Christian persecution, has released it’s 2014 list of the worst countries for Christian persecution.

And there’s a disturbing trend among the 10 worst countries for Christian persecution.

If you didn’t notice, nine of the worst 10 places to be a Christian have had direct involvement in regards to United States foreign policy.

North Korea has been repeatedly sanctioned by us for its nuclear program. Somalia was the site of the Mogadishu shitstorm in the early 90s. The US has aided Syrian rebels, who are mostly al Qaeda and the like, turning what used to be a “liberal” country that tolerated Christians into one that kills them.

Iraq, along with our misguided invasion, has only gotten worse since Saddam Hussein was ousted. Afghanistan almost gets a pass here, but only because the Taliban was only killing people. Now they’re just killing people again.

The US is in bed so heavily with Saudi Arabia that we pretty much turned a blind eye to their involvement in 9/11 and we let that one Saudi national go after the Boston “bombing.”

Iran has become the new favorite target for John McCann and Lindsey Graham, who say we need to go to war with them for… some reason.

And then we drone bomb the hell out of Pakistan and Yemen on a regular basis. That’s usually on a pretty indiscriminate basis.

The only country ol’ Merica hasn’t touched is Maldives, and that’s really just because they’re out in the ocean and too small for anyone to care about them.

Now, I’m not saying that correlation is causation here, but there are definitely places here where the US has intervened, and things got worse for Christians.

It kinda makes you think we should just leave people alone.


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