Stop saying the United States is a free country

The United States is not a free country. That much was confirmed when a judge ruled that a law suspending constitutional protections within 100 miles of a border is somehow… constitutional?

Honestly, if you’re not enraged by the fact that the government can search you for no reason whatsoever in the orange area, then you’re absolutely clueless.

The law currently stands in Merica that the government can simply accuse someone of being a terrorist and then detain him forever without bringing charges.

This means that I can be in Charleston on vacation and the cops can search my computer without my consent and for no reason. If I protest, then can then just say I’m a terrorist and lock me up forever, and I don’t get a lawyer. This is in part thanks to Douchebag Senator Lindsey Graham.

This is no longer a republic. This is totalitarianism in the name of security and safety. It’s a tactic the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and the like used to great efficiency and tens of millions of deaths.
And the fact that I’ve called out these people could, by law, be enough to label me as a terrorist.
Let that sink in.

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