What I wish Ken Ham (and a lot of other Christians) would stop saying

I’m listening to Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate creationism and evolution right now. They’re being nice enough while they respectfully fling turds at each other.

“CEO” doesn’t sound as cool as “The Science Guy.”

They’re both missing the point, but I’ll get to that later.

But here’s what I’m sick of Ham and Christians saying.

Animals were vegetarians and no animals died before the Fall.


Here’s the thing: There’s no biblical evidence either way. At all. We don’t have any evidence that the fishies didn’t go belly up every now and then or that lions preferred carrots to more succulent morsels involving muscle tissue.

Stop it.

Also, Ham is missing the point in that he provides no flexibility in the age of the earth. I’ll claim creationism, but the universe is so enormous that I can’t claim young or old earth creationism. There are some things that we just don’t know, and I’m secure with that.

Yes, there’s some evidence for both, but can you at least stick to refuting the argument without making up things? That seems to be a lot easier to do.


2 thoughts on “What I wish Ken Ham (and a lot of other Christians) would stop saying

  1. The 'evidence' is that a literal reading of the bible (no death) would 'logically' have to support no meat eating. And any position that supported meat eating would likely be contradicting some tenant of a strict literal reading, bringing the whole house of cards down with it.

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