Immigration doesn’t have a binary solution

The illegal immigration has pretty much gone like this.



Honestly, the Democrats really just want to do this because they know the majority of the 11 million illegals in the country would vote for them.

But, also honestly, the Republicans (intelligently, for once) recognize that illegal immigrants are illegal for a reason. If someone hops the fence to my yard, starts eating my food and using my toilet, that doesn’t give him a right to be in my family. I’d actually call the cops and have him removed. That is, if I didn’t shoot him first.

What if, however, he was there for a while because I was too big of a puss to say anything? What if I said that he couldn’t be in my family but that he could pay rent and stay as long as he wanted?

Doesn’t this sound more reasonable? Deporting 11 million people would cost more than the problem already costs us, but making them citizens just rewards bad behavior. Make no mistake, hopping the border illegally is… well… illegal. That means they broke a law.

I propose we instead set up a permanent alien resident program specifically for illegal immigrants. It would strip them of any chance to become a United States citizen as punishment, but it would set them up to pay taxes (like I do) and actually be documented. There’s no reason people who are trespassing in our country should get a better deal than the people already living in said country.

We also need to close the border and overhaul the expensive, tedious, bureaucratic process that immigration is now.

Then we can tell the Mexicans to get off our lawn and not feel bad about it.


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