Everyone’s freaking out over the wrong thing in the Noah movie

The new Noah movie is catching a lot of crap for apparently being environmentalist and whatnot. I don’t see what the big deal is. We’re talking about Hollywood.

They obviously have no standards.

What I find more egregious is what Noah, played by Russell Crowe, says the purpose of the ark is. You probably missed it in the trailer.

Apparently the ark was built to protect the innocent. That’s nonsense.

Out of however many people who lived at that time, Noah wasn’t the only guy who was innocent. In fact, no one was and no one is.

A lot of translations (including my beloved ESV) of the Bible translate Genesis 6:8 as Noah finding “favor” in God’s eyes, but it’s really more accurately translated as “grace.” Noah wasn’t such a great guy that God decided to spare him; Noah was just as stained by sin as everyone else and chosen by God in a miraculous show of grace.

No one in the world was or is innocent. We’re all completely jacked up on our own accord and preference. We need grace, which is a gift and earned by no means. Anything else is damnable religiosity.

That is what the Noah movie is about, and that is why Christians should be pissed off about it.


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