The Dalai Lama’s endorsement of gay marriage is hypocritical

The Dalai Lama came out last week in support of homosexual marriage, saying that sex of any kind is fine as long as it’s consensual.

I have to take this opportunity to show you that this stance is entirely hypocritical. In fact, Buddhism itself is illogical.

And has some serious freakin’ ear lobes.

Buddhism’s chief goal is to eliminate desire, and it says that desire is the root of every problem. The inconsistency is that any kind of marriage, sex or relationship is based in some kind of desire. Mr. Lama is encouraging his followers to pursue the exact thing his religion is seeking to eliminate.


Honestly, the problem lies within Buddhism itself. It’s goal is to end desire, but that’s a desire. It’s a self-defeating system.

I know I’ll piss off a few people, but I have to call them as they are. Dalai Parton is the head of a religion that literally works against itself, and he just encouraged more failures of his own system.


One thought on “The Dalai Lama’s endorsement of gay marriage is hypocritical

  1. You are correct sir!!! I grew up as a buddhist, but now I am agnostic.
    While the goal of Buddhism IS to end all suffering, not everyone is able to do so… much like priests of the catholic church or pastors of other churches, Buddhist monks strive to reach the goal to be “perfect” role models of the religion they are preaching.
    Lay people still “commit sin” or have desires. So in relation to buddhism – of the five precepts lay people must obey are- no killing or give reason to kill, no stealing or give no reason to steal, no unethical engagement of a sexual nature, no Lying or deceit, and no alchohol.
    Being in a consensual adult relationship – gay or straight, married or unmarried- lies within the third precept as long as it is not cheating or extramarital. That is why I believe a true buddhist accepts gay marriage. Any religion that preaches love and acceptance should in theory accept a relationship between any two people as long as it is consensual and not hurting one or the other. Dalai Lama preached with relation to the lay people… not to the monks. Hope this helps!! 🙂

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