Everyone in the Bundy Ranch dilemma is wrong

Everyone in the country got all riled up last week over Clive Bundy, a Nevada cattle rancher who was being “pushed around” by the Bureau of Land Management until an armed militia group showed up and caused the BLM to leave.

What nobody tells you is that literally everyone in the situation is wrong. Let me explain.

For one, the BLM’s story at first was that they were charging Bundy a fee to use federally owned land. That’s fine. It’s their land. The stupidity over the land lies in that the Center for Biological Diversity is suing to protect an endangered tortoise.

“It’s cool. I wear all the protection I need.”

The other nugget of douchery by the government is that Harry Reid is partnering with a Chinese corporation in an attempt to takeover the land and use it for a solar farm. It’s also rife with reports of nepotism.

The government has also used a lot of intimidation and such, which isn’t exactly nice.

But Bundy has been a total asshole.

Reports are that Bundy stopped paying his range fees in 1993, citing that his family had been using that land for over 100 years, so he shouldn’t have to pay like everyone else. It should be an easy process.

Of course, it’s not that simple for Bundy, who comes from a long line of Mormons. Mormons are kind of notorious for basically saying they can do anything and the government can’t do anything about it. They’re actually kind of famous for being involved in scandals and for having some seriously jacked up theology (hint: They’re not Christians.).


Here’s the issue: It’s not Bundy’s family’s land.

If someone owns land, they can do whatever they want with it. The government apparently owns this land, so they can charge people to use it. If you don’t pay, then you don’t get to use it.

This is perfectly analogous to me trying to live in a house and not trying to pay rent, because my family used to live in the house and didn’t pay rent. It’s not my house, so the landlord can rightfully kick me out.

But Bundy’s a Mormon, who also happens to be on Social Security and Medicare, so all you taxpayers can figure out where to stick it.


3 thoughts on “Everyone in the Bundy Ranch dilemma is wrong

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