MLB showcases how absurd the “Support the Troops Regardless” movement has gotten

I love baseball. I love our guys in the military. Believe it or not, I like America on most days. I just don’t like when the latter two invade the former.

Sadly, Major League Baseball has pandered to the Support the Troops All the Time for Every Single Thing They Do Because They’re Obviously Superhuman crowd for several years, most notably with their goofy Stars and Stripes merchandise that’s worn on Memorial Day, Independence Day and 9/11. This year, they tipped us off to how insane the whole thing has gotten.

Derp MLB

“But what’s the problem?” You may ask. Well, there’s one big one.


There are actually two countries represented by teams in Major League Baseball. While a lot of people think Canada is the 51st state, they’re actually their own nation.

Additionally, over 25 percent of MLB players and nearly half of minor league players were born somewhere not called the United States. Is it not strange to arbitrarily force someone from, say, Nicaragua, Colombia or Panama to celebrate the U.S. military when it’s done so much to hurt the citizens of those countries for over 100 years? Let’s also not forget that we took a third of Mexico’s land a long time ago, and our current drug policy has led directly to rampant violence and poverty in our southern neighbor. Oh, and that trade embargo against Cuba pretty much boned the citizens.

When I watch baseball, I just want to watch baseball, not participate in what amounts to propaganda to support whatever war we’re sticking our noses in next. Also of note, slapping camo on something doesn’t make it patriotic; it just makes it ugly.

We can do better than this nonsense. The “Rah, rah, ‘Merica,” crowd has to understand that we’re clearly not the world’s moral beacon and haven’t ever acted like it, so we need to stop pretending the United States government is some force for good. Furthermore, Memorial Day is about remembering fallen soldiers, not rallying the troops.

I actually thought the designs couldn’t get any worse, but here’s what teams will be wearing for Independence Day.


Paul Lukas at Uni Watch puts this more eloquently than I can.

“Although I don’t yet know this for sure, I’m assuming that MLB will once again be donating profits from the sale of these caps to Welcome Back Veterans. That’s nice, but Independence Day is not a military holiday — it’s the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence’s ratification. So if MLB once again ties the sale of Independence Day merch to a military charity, they will be (a) misrepresenting yet another holiday, (b) once again promoting the insidious notion that support for the military and patriotism are synonymous, which is patently false, and (c) continuing the endless drumbeat of celebrating the military over and over and over again, to the near-exclusion of all other sectors of society. All of this is unacceptable. (It’s also worth noting that MLB could do all of this strictly via merchandising, without making the players wear gas station-style caps on the field.)”

Appreciate the guys who serve in the military when they do the right thing and for their willingness to get shot at, but we have to come to grips with the fact that propping up South American dictators and intervening in African civil wars doesn’t equate fighting for what little freedom we have left here or with loving the country any more.


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