Changing the Conversation: The nature of social media

I must say, the last three weeks have been pretty nice. My church started 2016 with a social media fast to unplug from technology and reconnect with real people. I had to modify said fast because I kind of make my living using it, so I abstained (with two exceptions) from personal posting. That ends today.

Boy howdy.
Boy howdy.

After having time to evaluate pretty much everything regarding social media, I’ve come up with three┬ávery basic principles I think we can all get on board with while posting, even if you’re not on the Jesus train with me. This isn’t addressing any potential Facebook debates, which is an entirely different can of worms.

Clarity – Does this post accurately and clearly reflect all sides represented on an issue? It’s easy to misrepresent an opposing opinion, but it does no one any good.

Community – How does the tone of this post affect those who will read it? Too many Christians feel like bludgeoning the world with their take on things. Satire and sarcasm have their places, and I do believe positive changes can come via snark, but there does come a point when it can cut too deep and bleed out your entire point.

Donald Trump – Anything goes. He’s an ass.

That's the whole ballgame.
That’s the whole ballgame.

I also plan on proper blogging more, particularly with an idea that struck me during this fast. I’m starting a new blog series called Changing the Conversation, where I examine myriad issues and see if there’s a third, more valid option than the two traditional views presented. Subscribe to email updates on the right side of your screen to get all of those.