Trump won. Now what?

I woke up this morning at 4:30 with a sinus headache. After medicating, I made the mistake of checking my phone notifications, so I’m now writing a blog at the earliest time of day ever, ever.

It seems Donald Trump won the election. That surprised me.

I'm just as confused as anybody right now.
I’m just as confused as anybody right now.

But you know what didn’t surprise me? Liberty definitely didn’t win. Instead, our president-elect has campaigned against the First, Fourth, Eighth and 14th Amendments. I honestly don’t know how anyone can expect him to keep a campaign promise when he can’t even keep a promise to a wife.

However, I’m going to make good on my word when Trump is officially installed as POTUS: Honor the emperor (which, ironically enough, some have actually called him that). The main question is how we move forward from this, particularly when he didn’t exactly win a landslide and the age demographics skewed heavily toward older people voting for Trump. We’re currently just as divided as before.

That said, here are some basic pointers for Trump supporters, particularly Christian Trump supporters, in the wake of the election.

  1. Don’t gloat. – Seriously. Don’t do it. You’ll only make things worse.
  2. Be consistent. – The fact that Republicans have a majority in all of the federal government shouldn’t mean that you buy whole hog into everything they do.
  3. Don’t expect the government to improve your life or spread the Gospel. – I hope I don’t have to elaborate further.

I still feel the need to elaborate on the third point. Governments don’t improve lives, pretty much ever. I fully expect that after Trump’s first term, abortion will still be legal, we’ll still be in perpetual, illegal, undeclared warfare; and that our civil liberties will be even worse off than they are now, mainly because the Religious Right has bought into the notion that all is well as long as the GOP is in charge. This should not be. If we were in a post-Christian culture literally yesterday, that didn’t change overnight.

Honestly, I hope that Trump implements policies that benefit the entirety of our populace. I’ll support him when he does, but I’ll also – with gentleness and respect – strongly oppose him and speak up against bad policies. I challenge and invite you to do the same.


One thought on “Trump won. Now what?

  1. Nicely said Cody. Is your mother’s name Pam? I worked with a Pam fields around 1990 at computer dynamics let me know if so

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