Hi. I’m Cody. I write stuff here, and you might get angry. You probably already figured that out. Here are the pertinents.

  • I’m a Christian.
  • I’m married to this cool chick named Kristin. She’s swell.
  • We have two dogs and live in Greer, SC.
  • We’re in a band called Igniting the Sky.
  • I do freelance social media marketing for money.
  • I graduated with a journalism degree from North Greenville University in 2009.
  • I’m a Braves fan.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Cody, I am pretty sure you used to practice for your band in my dorm (McKinney House). I loved your article. I agree completely. By their lying and deception they have basically fulfilled the exact same thing that King David did. He committed adultery and then he lied about it. James committed adultery and the NGU administration lied about it.

    I love your post. Be strong and courageous. God’s got your back.

    • Yep. That was us. I apologize for that. We were less than good.

      Thanks a lot for the support. I think if we keep up the pressure, they’ll almost have to cave and admit things.

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