Would Pope Francis let the Mormons preach in the Vatican, too?

The theological and social liberals love Pope Francis. For some of the things, like owning up to some of Catholicism’s mistakes and taking a generally humble approach, they’re spot on. This is not one of those cases.

Francis is having Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican to “rekindle” peace talks between the two, which is fair. What’s insane to me is that Francis is allowing readings from the Koran and Islamic prayers in what amounts to the church building in which he pastors.

No word yet on if the Muslim gets to sit on the shiny throne.
The liberals will cry out about how great this is, but they clearly have no grasp about what Christianity is and what Islam is. The two are mutually exclusive, particularly in regards to the divinity of Jesus.
Imagine with me for a minute. How big would the outcry be if President Obama invited, say, Ted Cruz to speak at the Democratic National Convention? It would be enormous, because their ideas are mutually exclusive; you can’t have simultaneous have government expansion and contraction.
The same is for Islam and Christianity. Christianity says that Jesus is God and came to earth in order to fulfill the Law by living a perfect life and absorbing the wrath of God for those who would trust in him. Islam relegates Jesus to prophet status and says that Mohammed was the last and greatest prophet.
No matter what Mohammed or any Muslim says, these constructs don’t worship the same God. The characters and means of salvation are entirely different. They are very much polar opposites.
Which is why no one should have freaked out when Irish pastor James McConnell railed against Islam as “satanic,” “heathen” and “a doctrine spawned in hell,” because that’s exactly what Christianity says it is.
Jesus himself claimed to be God in the flesh, he accepted worship as God and accepted the title of Lord over everything. He didn’t give you or anybody the option of saying he was just a good guy who was a prophet. If he was just a prophet and not God, then everything he said about himself was either gold plated narcissism or he was off his rocker.
The Bible goes on to say that any other claims about Jesus, whether it be a different gospel or saying he was just a dude or that he didn’t really come in human form, are the work of demonic forces and the advocate of said claims is going to be cast into hell (On a side note, there’s no reason that making a basic claim of what you believe should lead to a police investigation, as is the case with McConnell.).
But Francis, overly concerned with being “loving” and “social justice,” is allowing a false teacher to come in and spread what Jesus himself calls evil, that being that Islam relies on one’s own righteousness to become right with God.
Go ahead and mark this (and the Reformation) as the official beginning of the end of the Catholics. Bad theology has blinded their leader to the point where he thinks his job is to just help people get along, instead of pointing them directly to Jesus.
Catholics, feel free to start leaving in droves for greener, more theologically sound pastures.