What is XXX Church thinking?

I got an email last night from XXX Church, the Christian-run website that helps people battling porn addiction. I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten an email more 1) relying on click bait or 2) as big of a low blow as this one. Here’s the subject.



At first glance with the first couple of sentences, it looks like XXX Church founder Craig Gross is about to drop a major bombshell about Mark Driscoll and the dissolution of Mars Hill Church. Junk’s about to get real. Of course, as a Driscoll fan who was fairly torn up about the whole Mars Hill situation, I had to open it.

Body 1

Does this not seem like a gossipy bait and switch to anyone? “Hey, guys. Driscoll is awesome and so was the Resurgence, but HOLY CRAP did they blow it. Buy my stuff.” Then I got another email.

Body 2

Note: Gross didn’t apologize for the dickishness of his email and tactics; he apologized in case we were caught off guard. The other guy involved in this posted an apology, whether it’s genuine or not may or may not be debatable, but at least he made one. Gross, on the other hand, has only attempted to throw people under the bus.

XXX Church and X3 Watch have done some great things, but Gross needs to come clean and admit that he screwed up. I’m not about to call for a boycott or for Gross to step down or anything like that, but, boy, does this leave a craptastic taste in my mouth.